Grant Reporting and Maintenance

Grant reports

As outlined in the grant agreements, we require that all grantees submit reports and some grantees may have additional grant deliverables. The Foundation uses the grantee portal to accept these reports. Each awarded grant has reports to account for its progress, challenges and accomplishments. Please refer to your grant agreement for details about your reporting schedule.

Approximately 35 days prior to your report being due, an email reminder will be sent from the Foundation providing a link to the grantee portal and instructions.  The portal requires you to log in with your user name and password prior to completing the report or uploading the grant deliverable.  Once in the portal, you will find your report located in the “Upcoming Reports” section.

PLEASE NOTE: The reports are assigned and accessible to the project contact as listed on your grant agreement through the grantee portal.  One additional contact can be added and given access to edit and submit grant reports. Please contact us should the grant’s project contact need to be updated or if you’d like to add the additional contact.

Access to the grantee portal by clicking here. If you have not accessed the system before, please create an account and await instructions from our grants management team.

If after accessing your report, you have additional questions related to the content required or technical issues, please refer to the resources below to support you in submitting your report online.

Once submitted, we will review your report and be in touch with you with any questions or issues we would like to discuss further. Should we need additional information, we will send the report back to you for input through the portal. An email notification will be sent in these cases.

If you have questions regarding your grant report or need help in accessing or submitting your report, please contact the grantmaking operations team at [email protected] or 303-953-3600.

Grant Amendments 

No-cost extensions

On occasion, a grantee may realize more time is needed to accomplish the outcomes of a project. You may request to modify the end date of your grant as listed in the grant agreement.

How to Request

To request a revision to your budget or an extension to the timeline of your grant, please log in to the grantee portal and access the “Request an Amendment” section.  Input your request and any supporting documentation (e.g. updated budget request). 

If you have not accessed the system before, please create an account and await instructions from our grants management team.

Your request will be reviewed by staff and you will be notified if it is approved or declined. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 303-953-3600 or by email.

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